Sara Letschert | Photographer


My name is Sara and I know this wind is going to take us to wonderful places filled with love & happy moments.

* Photography is my passion.

 * I peopleBIG & small.

 * I have a hard time expressing myself through words!So I take Photographs instead!

* I LOVE to travel and cannot get enough of it. The list of places I want to visit is huge – Cuba was one of them. In 2011 my everlasting Cuba dream became a reality. Yaaay! 

Ohhh and I made some really cool friends in Havana.

 *  I adore animals & love nature.

*Japan has always fascinated me. From 2012 I lived in Tokyo and travelled often to Europe and other parts of the world  for assignments. At the moment I am working in New York.

* Life is so WONDERFUL. It is not always easy, but if you are willing to see the beauty of it, you will embrace it.

* Everyone can be amazing!

* Chocolate is what I carve & dancing makes me smile.

* I to laugh and enjoy watching other people laugh.